Who Am I?

Laura Jillian Headshot - Allston Cycling Cap

Laura JiLLIAN “LJ” Gray

Biker, Instructor, Content Creator, Adventurer

When I graduated college in Boston my sister said, “oh you have disposable income, come long-distance riding with me.” Riding my bike in the city opened my eyes to a new way to move about the world. I live car-free which has not prevented me from going bike camping, adventuring with my dog, or living a full life. Now, I spend my days trying to give that same joy back to others, especially kids, so we can create a better, more bike-centered world.

Why Should You Listen to Me, a Random Internet Person?
  • League Certified Instructor (LCI) who teaches kids in schools, and other instructors how to ride safely
    • Bike Rodeos, Safe Routes to School, Lead Instructor in Cambridge Public Schools, Smart Cycling Instructor
  • Ride Leader (from 2 to 1,000 people)
    • Community Rides: Boston Bike Party, Boston Halloween Bike Ride, Training Rides
    • For Organizations: REI, Tradeshows, MassBike
  • Co-Organizer for Boston Bike Party, Ride for Black Lives Boston, Climate Ride Boston Alumni Community
  • Board Member for CommonWheels Bicycle Collective
  • Bike Talk Radio (WMBR 88.1) Co-Host
  • Podcast Host and Creator of Randonnista

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