Unique and Fun Cycling Workouts

Every year or so, I like to do a big multi-day bike ride. Lots of miles and lots of elevation. And every year I think... I should have started training sooner. But let's be honest, long cycling workouts are tough to schedule (if you don't like riding alone like me), take the time out for [...]

My Journey with Climbing

Climbing is all a head-game for me. Every start I overthink how hard it will be, and every end I look back at how silly I was being. 7 years ago, I was just getting into cycling as a sport. I had purchased my first road bike and started going to a Wednesday night group [...]

Ride Recap – Climate Ride Maine 2021

Over 300 miles in 5 days. Beautiful lighthouses, amazing murals, inspiring talks, funny signs. This ride delivered as usual. Renewed, rejuvenated, and ready. My Climate Ride History I signed up for my first Climate Ride in 2016. I'd heard about this amazing multi-day bike event that was happening every year from NYC-DC, but as a [...]