Climate Ride B2BH 2023 – Ride Recap

This one was a full circle moment for me. My first Climate Ride started in Bar Harbor, and now 7 years later I just completed my 5th Climate Ride finishing in Bar Harbor. Grit, gravel, and granny gears really helped on this ride! To learn more about the Climate Ride and my journey to my [...]

Unique and Fun Cycling Workouts

Every year or so, I like to do a big multi-day bike ride. Lots of miles and lots of elevation. And every year I think... I should have started training sooner. But let's be honest, long cycling workouts are tough to schedule (if you don't like riding alone like me), take the time out for [...]

Can I Take My Dog on a Bike Ride?

Small dog sitting in front of an All-City Space Horse in a park at a stone bridge

This is the third in my car-free life series. I want to explore the topic of riding a bike with a dog. There's a lot of controversy here, so I'm going to rely heavily on my own experience, but if you're an avid bike-rider and absolute dog-lover like me then combining these two activities is [...]

Owning a Dog Without a Car? Is it Possible?

Is it possible to live car-free and get a dog? For many, the idea of getting a dog in a city is a fantasy. For me, I had a full-time job, evening activities, am a car-less bike commuter, and I'm a renter with close-by neighbors. But when a global pandemic hit, I figured out how to live my dream of dog ownership and being car-free!

My Journey with Climbing

Climbing is all a head-game for me. Every start I overthink how hard it will be, and every end I look back at how silly I was being. 7 years ago, I was just getting into cycling as a sport. I had purchased my first road bike and started going to a Wednesday night group [...]

Announcing the Randonnista Podcast!

It's here! It's here! It's finally here! This has literally been years in the making. I have been a podcast fan and listener for over 12 years (keep in mind the first official podcast only started in 2004) and it's been my dream to make my own. This dream was solidified after being the co-host [...]