Climate, Snacks, and Building Movements: Featuring Yari DeJesus

In this episode we chat about some new biking infrastructure, snacking while biking, starting your own movement, and then round everything out with a fun game!Thanks to Jay Diengott aka PQ aka Chef Jay, Yari DeJesus and Bridget Copes for joining me on this episode. The theme and music for this show were created by Kate Hardly who has an album, West, coming out on November 21! You can pre-order the album on her Bandcamp, The single, Daddy Issues, is available now exclusively on Bandcamp and the music video is on is produced, hosted, recorded, and edited by me, Laura Jillian with special guest host Watson the Bike Dog. You can stay connected with the show at and see segment extras @Randonnista on Instagram and my YouTube Channel,, and follow Watson’s biking adventures @Watsonthebikedog on Instagram.Here are all of the links to all the projects you should keep an eye on around Boston!Key legislative updates: Petition for Protected Bike Lanes on the Mass Ave Bridge: Current Campaigns for better biking infrastructure: Greenway is due to open tentatively by the end of 2021, it hit a lot of delays due to Covid: A feasibility study is underway in Arlington for Dirt Bike Paths: 

PQ joined me to show off her tall bike skills! Listen to us discuss the news and snacking in this episode.