More Events, Racing Part 2, Dirt!: Featuring the Hustle Hive

Welcome folks to Episode 13! I have a great episode for you folks today. For Bike News, I will update you on Porter Square and tell you about 3 exciting upcoming events!. For Friends on Bikes Eating Dessert, I sit down with Gabby and Bridget for the Part 2 of our racing series. They recap me on how their latest race went and tell people to sign up and join them. For a Deeper Look, I sit down with the organizers of the Hustle Hive who discuss their journey to getting more women, trans, femme, and non-binary riders out on the dirt with them. And finally I wrap up with a replay of my first game with my friend Bridget Copes because I was feeling a little nostalgic this week!Thank you to Gabby, Bridget Tan, Kristen, Charlotte and Bridget Copes for joining me on this episode. The theme and music for this show were created by the amazing Kate Hardly. Her album, West, is available now on her bandcamp page: is produced, hosted, recorded, and edited by me, Laura Jillian, with special guest host Watson the Bike Dog. You can stay connected with the show at and see segment extras @Randonnista on Instagram and my YouTube Channel,, and follow Watson’s biking adventures @Watsonthebikedog on Instagram. If you’re enjoying the show please tag #randonnista in your posts so we can see it! I love hearing from the audience!Here are the links from this episode!REI Ride #2 on June 23 – RSVP HERERide for Black Lives VII: Black JoyCommonWheels 6th Annual Walden Pond on Instagram@the_hustle_hive on Instagram

PQ joined me to show off her tall bike skills! Listen to us discuss the news and snacking in this episode.