Music, Mental Health, and Riding with Kids: Featuring YT

For Bike News, I enlisted my new friend Bridget Tan to talk about some more infrastructure updates, including an e-bike rally that is out of date now (apologies) but is still really important and you can still reach out to your representatives to get those bills moving, and Bridget and I break down the perfect song to listen to while you ride your bike. For Friends on Bikes Eating Dessert, I brought back co-organizer and bike friend, Saskia, to discuss the benefits of self care and how biking can improve your mental health. This topic is near and dear to me and I loved this conversation. Finally, we’ll wrap up today with my deeper look at YT and how she has evolved from a SCUL leader to a BONES leader. Her journey around biking with her kid and how emersing your children in a lifestyle can make that lifestyle more common place to them.There is no game this week, but it will be back this spring and summer as I am able to get outside again with my friends on their bikes.