Elections, Courtesy, and Biking Infrastructure: Featuring Vivian Ortiz

For our inaugural episode, we talk about the importance of elections, why you should be more courteous on the road, and I convince a friend that they should join the world of biking!Thanks to Galen Mook, Bridget Copes, Vivian Ortiz, Amy Kennedy and Jen Bowe for joining me on this episode. Thank you Kate Hardly for the amazing theme and music for the show. Randonnista is produced, hosted, recorded, and edited by me, Laura Jillian with special guest host Watson the Bike Dog. You can stay connected with the show at Randonnista.com and see segment extras @Randonnista on Instagram, and follow Watson’s biking adventures @Watsonthebikedog on Instagram.Find important links from our conversations below.Learn more about infrastructure projects and biking bills here, and find your legislator here so you can contact them and let them know you want these projects built and these bills passed!

This is the behind the scenes look at my bike ride with Bridget Copes. Hear our conversation about the ride in this episode of Randonnista.