Wheelie Kids, Zwift, and Bike Giveaways: Featuring Lonnell Roberts-Wells

I have another great show for your today! Bike News: For my cohost, I brought back Tiffany Cogell to discuss the article, “The REALProblem with the Wheelie Kids” which as you might have guessed is actually everyone else’s attitudes. Friends on Bikes Eating Dessert: Remy and Zé join me to discuss my latest winter obsession for when you can’t train outside, Zwift. The Deeper Look we talk to co-founder of Cambridge Bike Give Back, Lonnell Roberts-Wells, and how he was inspired to give back to the community he loves. There is no game this episode because I wanted to give more space for the amazing guests here. They are experts in each of their spaces and had a lot to contribute!Thank you to Tiffany, Remy, Zé, and Lonnell for joining me on this episode. The theme and music for this show were created by the amazing Kate Hardly. Her album, West, is available now on her bandcamp page: https://katehardly.bandcamp.com/.Randonnista is produced, hosted, recorded, and edited by me, Laura Jillian, with special guest host Watson the Bike Dog. You can stay connected with the show at Randonnista.com and see segment extras @Randonnista on Instagram and my YouTube Channel, https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRealLauraJillian, and follow Watson’s biking adventures @Watsonthebikedog on Instagram. If you’re enjoying the show please tag #randonnista in your posts so we can see it! I love hearing from the audience!Here are the links from this episode!The Real Problem with the Wheelie KidsHere’s the latest in Infrastructure Updates: https://bostoncyclistsunion.org/advocacy-campaigns Follow Remy and Zé biking adventures: @remy_b_reel and @brothersonbikes and on YouTube: youtube.com/c/RemyBReel

For #friendsonbikeseatingdessert this week, due to the frigid, icy weather, I invited on 2 Zwift friends to talk about how we continue training even when the weather is a bummer. We discuss, how to get started, the ins and outs of Zwift Training, and our top tips for riding (hint: it’s fans). Thanks Zé and Remy for joining. Visit Remy’s youtube page for more excellent biking content: https://www.youtube.com/c/RemyBReel