Winter Riding Part 2, Messengers, and Stylish Bike Gear: Featuring Gabriel Mendez

I have another great show for your today! [02:22] Bike News: I brought in my friend and fellow bike instructor Randi to discuss the frustrations around people dismantling bike lanes, but also the joy that more women seem to riding. [17:19] Friends on Bikes Eating Dessert: We’ll hear the second half of my chat with Brian Mackenzie about biking handling and bike maintenance during the winter months. [38:51] The Deeper Look we will talk to World’s Messenger community member and Clinch Industria distributor, Gabriel Mendez, about how the messenger community really helped him grow as a person. [1:16:00] The Game: We’re bringing back Randi to play my new favorite game, Real or Fake comments made by Next Door members.Thank you to Gabriel Mendez, Randi Mail, and Brian Mackenzie for joining me on this episode. The theme and music for this show were created by the amazing Kate Hardly. Her album, West, is available now on her bandcamp page: is produced, hosted, recorded, and edited by me, Laura Jillian, with special guest host Watson the Bike Dog. You can stay connected with the show at and see segment extras @Randonnista on Instagram and my YouTube Channel,, and follow Watson’s biking adventures @Watsonthebikedog on Instagram. If you’re enjoying the show please tag #randonnista in your posts so we can see it! I love hearing from the audience!Here are the links from this episode!Who is throwing the cones off the Mass Ave bridge? Memorial Drive Greenway Improvements: 56% of female cyclists started or returned to cycling during the pandemic: View all of the videos and clips discussed with Gabriel @worldsmessengers on InstagramClinch Industria: and @clinchbikes.usa (tag your hats and gear if you have them!)Watch the Winter Biking video Brian and I put together that shows how we layer for a cold day!

#FriendsOnBikesEatingDessert This episode featured part 2 of my conversation with Brian MacKenzie. Here is our video again where we show off our winter digs. He, Watson, and I show off our winter biking outfits as we take a mini ride around another local park. Watch to see how we layer to stay warm for a cold bike day!