Unique and Fun Cycling Workouts

Every year or so, I like to do a big multi-day bike ride. Lots of miles and lots of elevation. And every year I think... I should have started training sooner. But let's be honest, long cycling workouts are tough to schedule (if you don't like riding alone like me), take the time out for [...]

Can I Take My Dog on a Bike Ride?

Small dog sitting in front of an All-City Space Horse in a park at a stone bridge

This is the third in my car-free life series. I want to explore the topic of riding a bike with a dog. There's a lot of controversy here, so I'm going to rely heavily on my own experience, but if you're an avid bike-rider and absolute dog-lover like me then combining these two activities is [...]

Owning a Dog Without a Car? Is it Possible?

Is it possible to live car-free and get a dog? For many, the idea of getting a dog in a city is a fantasy. For me, I had a full-time job, evening activities, am a car-less bike commuter, and I'm a renter with close-by neighbors. But when a global pandemic hit, I figured out how to live my dream of dog ownership and being car-free!