Unique and Fun Cycling Workouts

Every year or so, I like to do a big multi-day bike ride. Lots of miles and lots of elevation. And every year I think... I should have started training sooner. But let's be honest, long cycling workouts are tough to schedule (if you don't like riding alone like me), take the time out for [...]

Announcing the Randonnista Podcast!

It's here! It's here! It's finally here! This has literally been years in the making. I have been a podcast fan and listener for over 12 years (keep in mind the first official podcast only started in 2004) and it's been my dream to make my own. This dream was solidified after being the co-host [...]

Ride Recap – Climate Ride Maine 2021

Over 300 miles in 5 days. Beautiful lighthouses, amazing murals, inspiring talks, funny signs. This ride delivered as usual. Renewed, rejuvenated, and ready. My Climate Ride History I signed up for my first Climate Ride in 2016. I'd heard about this amazing multi-day bike event that was happening every year from NYC-DC, but as a [...]