Announcing the Randonnista Podcast!

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here!

This has literally been years in the making. I have been a podcast fan and listener for over 12 years (keep in mind the first official podcast only started in 2004) and it’s been my dream to make my own. This dream was solidified after being the co-host of Bike Talk on the MIT Radio Station 88.1 (hopefully returning after the pandemic), and guesting on other people’s shows. My problem was that I had too many ideas! I want to bring fun and comedy to the world of biking as well as highlight amazing work that is happening to get more people on bikes. And my idea was born!

My new podcast, Randonnista, is a combination of the current goings on in biking, long-form conversations with cool people about bikes, and fun (and hopefully funny) segments that bring a little levity to the conversation.

This whole thing will be a learning experience for me both in terms of learning more about my bike friends and for me to learn more about audio production. Please stick around for a fun ride. I’m really proud of this project and hope the world will love it too. To continue following the fun you can visit the podcast home page, and see a preview below.

I launched the Trailer today, available wherever you listen to podcasts. The first official episode will launch Thursday, October 28th!

Listen here to see what it’s all about:

A Very Special Clips Episode Randonnista

Hey Folks – today is a very short holiday episode. We'll start with how to fight back against the overturning of Roe V. Wade, then finish off with some amazing clips of riders telling me what biking means to them. This seemed like a great show for July 4th as most of the responses are centered around the freedom of the bicycle. Thanks and please find links to all of the resources mentioned in the episode below! – collection of abortion – campaign to normalize – donate to support abortion funds by – donate to the national network of abortion funds (donations split between 80+ abortion funds) – list of abortion clinics across the country that need – language for companies to use to stand against the – early abortion access pills you can store in your – abortion access – buy early pregnancy test – get info on types of birth – collection of these above links and more, managed by @starplanes (DM them on twitter to add more) – abortion policy by state as of June 1, 2022More in-depth version: 
  1. A Very Special Clips Episode
  2. More Events, Racing Part 2, Dirt!: Featuring the Hustle Hive
  3. Big Question: How Do I Integrate My Bike Into Everyday Life
  4. Bay State Bike Month and Rides Galore: Featuring Galen Mook
  5. Rides, Racing, and Inclusivity: Featuring Meg Cater
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